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One of my fondest memories is of waking up to the smell of my dad cooking omelets on Sunday mornings. He took the time to use fresh ingredients and it really brought the life out of breakfast. One of the most important of those ingredients was garlic. It's an underrated key to making delicious omelets.

Now, the secret to great garlic is how finely you slice it. With the Ari Shaffir spice grinder, you always get perfectly ground garlic in every bite. The Ari Shaffir spice grinder uses state of the art technology that turns garlic so fine, you'll confuse it for dirty salt.

Each spice grinder also includes a top to carry pre-ground spices. You can effectively grind your garlic, put it in the top case, and then fill the chamber with nutmeg, giving you two spices on the go.

With the Ari Shaffir spice grinder, you'll always get that fresh ground taste like papa used to make.

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