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  • Marya Sandin

    Jesus H Ari, get some damn merch. Shit has been out of stock for months
    now. How dare you deprive me of representing a tall nerdy Jew. :(
    sad pandy


      A restock is coming tomorrow actually.

      • Marya Sandin

        Well lawdy, ’bout time! :) thanks!

  • jason

    bought the new shirt, any chance I can get a shout out for my Birthday on the danish and oneal podcast this Monday? Jan 13th. hook it up

  • Darcy Saccucci

    Your innovation of Gummy bears on fries: Jewtine or Joutine. To obvious?

  • Darcy Saccucci

    Ari’s innovation of Gummy bears melted on fries needs to her called Jewtine or Joutine. Too obvious?

  • GnarthrillA

    Dude where is your Amazon portal, I wanna spend but cant find it.


      its on his actual site breh.


      Go to breh.

      if you don’t see the word amazon somewhere the page…then i don’t know what to tell you.

  • GnarthrillA

    Where……………………………………………………………………………………On his site breh. You think Im asking that question because why? That I don’t know it exist or what. Cant believe someone that uses that word “breh” to be a fan of Ari’s seems like different perspectives. Just me I guess.

  • Planet Dearth

    Your blog is awesome.

  • Ryan Saucier

    I want to order the tour poster 8×10…is that going back on sale?



      …maybe one day. But no time soon.

  • Karen Culpepper

    Just watched your new Netflix special. I loved every second of it—Hysterical. Wish you had more tour dates in the U.S. east coast. God wish I had heard of you years ago. But, now I know. (and you like blow jobs) Good Luck with the special!!!!!

  • Ronnie Vance

    Signed posters?

  • Matt Aker

    What’s the chances acquiring one of the ari-face shroomfest shirts??

  • Harlan Thomas

    I need a couple shroomfest shirts if they are still available

  • Harlan Thomas

    Yeah I just wanted to let you know that this website sucks. And I can’t email customer service without sending money through PayPal so that’s awesome.

  • Frank Reynolds

    When does the Ari/Kobe jersey come in? Put me down for an XL please.